If you use Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and tried to create a new C++ Win32 project like a console application you might get frustrated because you get stuck in an endless loop of the create dialog. I faced this myself when I was in need of creating a small console application and started to doubt myself about my skills of using an IDE.
In fact that seems to be a bug which is quite annoying. Somewhere on StackOverflow there is a solution which didn’t work for me but at least it shows that I’m not the only one who faced this issue.
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It’s done. SteamIt is finally published to the store and available for download. After a short beta the app is now available for everyone. What you get when you download now. By the time of this writing the following features are already implemented:

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I was struggling lately with my first UWP as VS2015 wouldn’t connect to the windows phone 10 emulators. I tried everything, from repairing VS2015 to reinstalling. I stumbled over some posts on Stackoverflow which none really helped. Most suggestions there refer to older versions in mid 2015. We now have a “more-or-less” stable Windows 10 version build 1511 (10586.71) so it was more annoying that all the stuff didn’t work on a fresh installed Microsoft Surface Pro 3.
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I have my new Surface Pro 3 for over a week now. I love this device. Indeed it is a very nice piece of hardware and in my case, a great notebook replacement. With all the accessoires I never miss my notebook. Visual Studio 2013 runs smooth and great which was one of the most important points. There was just one annoying point until now which was kinda… confusing. After restarting the machine from sleep my WLAN was limited and no connection could be established. I’ve read through some blogs on the web where users reported similar issues. In my case only a restart helped. In my case that was caused by Hyper-V installation and activation which came with the Visual Studio installation.
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Call me crazy, call me stupid. I’m preparing a project where I will simulate the possible behaviour of the Steam database as an ASP.NET MVC solution. My goal is to prove that it could be possible to have a database as large as the Steam database with a similar payload and still have an adequate community API which doesn’t sacrifice flexibility, comfort and data delivery for performance savings. I understand this project more than a prototype for the Steam Community API and therefore will focus completely on a redesigned web service interface and its according data layer.

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