13 comments on “5 reasons why InstallShield Limited Edition sucks

  1. I’m trying it on VS 2012 and get the same results as you. I can’t believe they package this installer with VS.

    Thanks for the links to the other installers. I will give them a go.

  2. As Dimi says: random crashes – happening to me also on clean install of VS 2012 U.

  3. if not for InstallShield, then which installation suite/package would you suggest?

  4. @cingo I personally use Inno Setup. It’s feature rich and allows almost everything to me as a developer.
    @Christer Hope you enjoy Inno Setup. There is also a GUI frontend called IST tool which I sometimes like to use just because it wraps up some stuff and makes it more comfortable.

    Enjoy guys

  5. I’m programming since about 35 years, starting with Assembler, native C, C++, C#. Never had such a crappy Software! Took me 4 days to learn my lesson on InstallShield.
    I had the same Troubles with Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and InstallShield Limited Edition 2013, which is quite new. I’m using Teamfoundation Server hosted at Microsoft. I give up using InstallShield. Thanks for the links to Inno Setup. I will try this.

    • Thomas, I have the same problem. Did you tried install InstallShield into VS 2012 Ultimate?

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  7. To tell you the truth guys I’m glad that I’m not the only one who had problems with IS

  8. Thank you for the info. I just found that Visual Studio setup (if this is the correct name) was removed from VS 2012 and later, and replaced by InstallShield Limited Edition. I searched Google for it before installing it, and I am glad that I have not installed it yet.

    InstallShield sucks for end-users too. It caches the big installation files somewhere in C:\…\Downloaded Installation Files (or similar name). I used to find GBs of cached installation files of game demos I had already uninstalled.

  9. Same problems on visual studio 2013 I hate those f$^ù*$^ bas$^ù$^
    Shame on them, why microsoft authorize a link to their products ?
    I lost a day of work …. thx to flexerasoftware

  10. Thank you so much. What a shit product this install shield. No useful documentation, overly complicated to use if you can even figure out to get it work.
    Tried InnoSetup and it’s such a relief. Easy to use, short and clear documentation.

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