If I made any apps you’ll find em here

It’s done. SteamIt is finally published to the store and available for download. After a short beta the app is now available for everyone. What you get when you download now. By the time of this writing the following features are already implemented:

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There seems to be some confusion about the profile in the settings menu. Some users report they enter their profile name and cannot retrieve any data. As soon as I’m back I’ll provide an update which will fix this issue. In fact it is not a bug but most probably a misunderstanding of the term steam profile.

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For our new introduced url shortener service Lynxs I’ve written a small app for Windows Phone where you can directly shorten any url by typing it into the box or paste it from the browser. This is not a serious app but was it was nice playing with the tools to get it done.

You can find the Lynxs url shortener app on Windows Phone Marketplace

I did it again. A small and tiny Windows Phone 7 app was born. The PAM-HQ app. This app provides all the data available on PAM-HQ for your Windows Phone. The latest news, the galleries, and the leaderboards. Everything in this app. If you are a fan of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem and want to receive the latest news and updates for this games, this game is definitely for you.

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Finally I got my first app published on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s nothing special, just a tiny little game but it’s my game and so I’m proud it passed certification and got published. I must admit I thought it would be more difficult to get an app published on a marketplace. The idea to develop an app for mobile phones came up early but I never took the time to realize it.

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