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June 22nd 2004 the website G-Productions was launched. This site was dedicated to my very own afford to create a game engine using DirectX. I was not a friend of the Visual Studio that time since I could not afford this (it was not that cheap that time), so an alternative compiler had to be found. Soon I stepped over Dev-Cpp. This was a very complete and full functional IDE which uses the MinGW compiler. Cool was my first thought, but the first problems were soon knocking on the door. Those of you who ever tried to use DirectX with the MinGW compiler know what I’m talking about. A bunch of compiler errors say hello if you include a DirectX header file.

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A popular and in my opinion great sound and music library is the audiere music API. Here is a short descriptoin from their site:

Audiere is a high-level audio API. It can play Ogg Vorbis, MP3, FLAC, uncompressed WAV, AIFF, MOD, S3M, XM, and IT files. For audio output, Audiere supports DirectSound or WinMM in Windows, OSS on Linux and Cygwin, and SGI AL on IRIX.

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About the OggVorbis sound library
The OggVorbis sound library is one of the greatest sound libraries available on the net.
The advantages of OggVorbis are the same like those of the mp3 format.

  • sound compression with (nearly) no loss of quality.
  • easy to use and implement in applications
  • SDK available

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Here you are with a DevPak designed for Dev-C++.
This package was build in order to make it easier for you to use DirectX with the MinGW Compiler used in Dev-C++ . A lot of work was done on this package but the results show that it was worth the work As far as we know, it is the most complete DevPak for DirectX available.
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