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I tried to install XNA recently on my new Windows 8 notebook to continue some old work and run immediately into problems. So what exactly did not work? When trying to install the Windows Phone dev tools where XNA is part of the installation fails. The issue is discussed in detail here:

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Incredible, I’m still impressed. I was bored of the D+ demo I’m preparing currently and I thought I try to create a small gambling game. For those of you who know the Novoline gambling machines you exactly understand what I mean. Now because of the current progress of the D+ engine makes it impossible to use it for the UltraHot game I fired up my VS and started a XNA project. For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I prefer C++ for game development and that I have absolutely no experience in managed code for game programming. Although I’m familiar with C# due to the web and application development of my job I thought I’ll give it a try.

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I love console applications. They give you the good old DOS feeling and I’m a nostalgic guy. Now while developing a DirectX application I found it more useful to use a GUI frontend with Microsoft’s shader compiler fxc.exe, the compiler which ships with the DirectX SDK. And since I’m a good guy, I share it with you. I know that many developers love console applications like me and the handling and using of fxc is quite good. No complicated syntax, no complicated anything. But I also know that newbies in game programming would most probably prefer a GUI for this. I was trying to compile about 10 shaders yesterday evening and I was too lazy to type the filenames so I took the time to create a GUI app with C# so I could “click” me through.

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I posted earlier today about the text console library which can be found on John Romero’s blog at and started playing around a bit. In fact I started playing around with it and I was surprised how fun it can be writing games like I did long long time ago. Now all of you know WinSnake of course (the WinSnake which can be found on this blog ;)) and I thought it would be a cool idea to make a retro version out of it. Not that WinSnake would be worth but because it is fun. After trying a bit I took the sounds I used in WinSnake and put together a small game with 6 mazes.

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Wow I stepped over this post on John Romero’s Blog and I’m fascinated. I loved retro games and I still do. The text console library, which can be found on that blog, allows you to do funny things with colors and stuff. Check it out, it’s worth. I imagine the days where I started coding on a Amstrad CPC 464. The first three games have been text adventures…

I already started playing around with this library and I love it. Bye bye conio.h don’t need you any more 🙂

No this is not a new code language in Visual Studio 2012 but our new game engine. After endless attempts of finishing an engine (or what is usually called to be one) I started a 2d game project lately and stopped due to the lack of time (sadly). Now while working on a commercial project for a friend of mine I put my work and much of additional effort and formed D+ which is a complete game engine and should be the follow up (it’s not really a successor) to the blueEngine which was started some years ago and never finished.

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No this won’t be another of those Lua posts. I did some research to decide which scripting language I will integrate into a project. Of course the number one stop for me was the Lua website. Since everyone is talking about Lua when it comes to scripting it was clear that I had to check this out. Lua was also mentioned by Jonathan S. Harbour in his book Advanced 2D game programming(the DirectX.DevPak was published in this book so check it out) so I read carefully through that chapter and tried the examples. Continue reading “Scripting in game development” »

As you may know, I’m close to finish my new game engine. As a by-product a small 2d sprite game engine was developed and since I’m only a developer I’m looking for some skilled people who want to contribute to this. If you are an experienced texture artist or someone who knows how to use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or other graphic applications please contact me. At current I have three design documents for 2d games. One of them maybe the most provocative one will be published online here on this blog to let it grow with comments and suggestions from YOU.

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