Indie is in. More than ever. It’s chick, just because it’s different. the most amazing genre, the most interesting people. Here are some of in my opinion greatest indie titles. Games that had more content, gameplay and depth than AAA titles, games that made me destroy one controller, two keyboards, one mouse and a ruler. Back to the toplist. This isn’t a real toplist since I wont’t give a rank or rating. All of the below games are awesome in their own way.
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Finally I got my first app published on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s nothing special, just a tiny little game but it’s my game and so I’m proud it passed certification and got published. I must admit I thought it would be more difficult to get an app published on a marketplace. The idea to develop an app for mobile phones came up early but I never took the time to realize it.

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Crysis 2 and spyware

Ok I must admit I love Crysis and imo it’s still one of the best looking games out there. Now recently I just wanted to play Crysis 2 but couldn’t find it on Steam. Then I remembered a news post on Steam where stated that there seemed to be a problem with CryTek and Steam (not EA as many thought) so Crysis 2 was available on Steam only for a short time. I’ve done a quick search on the web to find an adequate shop to buy Crysis 2 and came up with this Origin client stuff (btw Greenmangaming offers a good price).

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Since two weeks a new site was uploaded. It’s a fan site about the game Post Apocalyptic Mayhem. If you don’t know the game visit the steam page or directly PAM HQ for more details.

The awesome layout was made from Bassnav a fellow who is leading the Scoreboards of PAM. We provided some developer exclusive content and artwork and had a site raffle. More goodies will come soon so be sure to check out and tell us what you think.

There was an interesting thread on the Steam Forums about  games you have to play before you die. The original poster asked for a list of games which are not necessarily the favs of the people. The games listed here are in my opinion a must play but not in a particular order, so I gave every game the pos 1. So here we go with my toplist about the games everyone should play before he dies.

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I’m writing this as a gamer not as a game developer. I spent this year too much money on games and I spent too much time on the steam forums. What I noticed recently is the negative influence of some few people who call themselves “game reviewers”. Some of them are pros others are volunteers and review for free for some indy sites. Now how much influence these people have is incredible. Here is the story:

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Check out the following great communities. We have on the one hand the Dead Island Forums and on the other the Hard Reset Forum. Both forums were created before release of the games.

The Dead Island Forum grew very fast (and still growing) with currently over 2000 registered members and is definitely the number one stop for everyone looking for infos, help or just want to join the conversation.

The Hard Reset Forum is pretty new with much the same potential as above and should also be your number one stop for anything Hard Reset depending.

So if you are intersted in one of those games you should definitely take a look on the sites mentioned above.