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I’m writing this as a gamer not as a game developer. I spent this year too much money on games and I spent too much time on the steam forums. What I noticed recently is the negative influence of some few people who call themselves “game reviewers”. Some of them are pros others are volunteers and review for free for some indy sites. Now how much influence these people have is incredible. Here is the story:

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Check out the following great communities. We have on the one hand the Dead Island Forums and on the other the Hard Reset Forum. Both forums were created before release of the games.

The Dead Island Forum grew very fast (and still growing) with currently over 2000 registered members and is definitely the number one stop for everyone looking for infos, help or just want to join the conversation.

The Hard Reset Forum is pretty new with much the same potential as above and should also be your number one stop for anything Hard Reset depending.

So if you are intersted in one of those games you should definitely take a look on the sites mentioned above.

Lol, this could be confusing somehow but it works. You know why? Because you are reading it right now. In fact what I want to say with the title of this blog post is that I would like to do some mini jobs for foreign customers. Why? Just because I’m a nice guy :), let’s get serious. I was in contact with some developers from the UK and some from the US and they had so much work to do that they needed my helping hand. When we finished they asked me how to pay for my time and work. The same weekend I wanted to think about it how I would prefer the money (paypal, wire transfer), I wanted to buy a game on Steam since it was on sales. Now you will remember what I said about Steam in previous posts so you also know that I personally love Steam since it has many advantages and I buy only on Steam. You also know that I’m from Germany what means that I only get the censored versions from the really cool games or that the cool items are simply not available in my region. So I decided to tell them instead of paying me with money to gift me with the kind of games which are not accessible for me through Steam. Those guys agreed and voila short time later I received the gifts on Steam.

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After a long time I took some time to read some articles on the web. Surprisingly for me, since I have so much work at current again (and in fact I should be working right now) instead I thought it would be good to take a break and update myself on the web.

So what’s going on here? As I said I’m involved in two full-time web projects and try to finish my game engine D+. There will sure be some new stuff to show but mainly in web development rather than in game development. The main reason is that there is way more work available on the web development part of my life than in any other. I learned some new cool stuff on web development which I want to share. I want to introduce some new cool tools like the Telerik libraries and I want to make an introduction into the D+ API.

As usual, stay updated.

This question is important. I noticed a lot of spam mails commenting on several blog posts. Thank god has a comment approval since version 1.6.0 which makes it easy to bulk delete those comments. I really wonder if any one reads this blog. As I see from my site stats the site is visited frequently and people rate some of the “important” posts, like the Devpaks or the chart api or stuff like that. But are there any people who really care what I write? I don’t think so if I trust the comments I receive. They are nearly 99% spam. Nevertheless I will continue writing 🙂

If you are a regular or non-regular visitor of my blog just drop me a line here. Sometimes it’s good to know that some of you appreciate my work.