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Here we go with the DarkBlog theme for the latest BlogEngine 1.4.5 version. In fact it’s not really a 1:1 portion of the theme. What I did, since I liked the colors and look, is to take the BlogEngine standard/default theme by Mad Kristensen and to update it to the colors of the DarkBlog theme adopted by

If you like it, then use it 😉 Just unzip the content into your Themes directory of your BlogEngine installation.

Download DarkBlog theme

No this is not a technical article. I just wanted to say some things and so I’m writing these lines. I’m now for over 10 years in several communities, I wrote articles and I worked on several projects. When you are a software developer you often want to share your experience, your progress, your problems on several projects etc. The only thing you don’t have is the time for setting up a website to share your thoughts. Talking for me personally I loved those .plan updates which you can find on all the sites. Unforgotten the .plan updates from Tim Willits refering to the release of Quake 2 on BluesNews.

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