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I was playing around with some url shorteners like http://bitly.com and thought it would be a cool idea to make such a service myself. Now while diving more into the topic I came up with the following three approaches of implementing an url shortener. Of course there are more approaches I will only mention those three since they are good enough for a small service of personal use.

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No this is not a new code language in Visual Studio 2012 but our new game engine. After endless attempts of finishing an engine (or what is usually called to be one) I started a 2d game project lately and stopped due to the lack of time (sadly). Now while working on a commercial project for a friend of mine I put my work and much of additional effort and formed D+ which is a complete game engine and should be the follow up (it’s not really a successor) to the blueEngine which was started some years ago and never finished.

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The blueEngine is a high scalable and high performant game engine. It includes several modules such as support for sound, its own scripting engine and a network module. The blueEngine uses the DirectX 9.0 API and was fully developed with the MinGW compiler. Since the engine is still under development we won’t follow the regular way and provide this engine as open-source but work on it as a base for some upcoming games in the pipe.

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