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Ok let’s go with the story. It was end of August 2009 and I was bored. I wanted to play some cool games. I’m the ego-shooter guy and I was looking for something I haven’t played and so I thought it would be time to get Half-Life 2. You guys are rofl now I know… There have been some reasons I didn’t play HL2 until today. The first reason is that I really never missed it. I have read all the critics, tests and articles since release of HL2 but I found it never interesting enough to buy it. I’m the proud owner of all id Software games, I’m the proud owner of the Blood series, I own several other shooters uncut (for those of you who live in Germany know how important the words “uncut” and the complete id Software series really is). The second reason is that I never had have really time to continue to play games. I have my own collection and played my games more than 5 times. So what did I do to get HL2? I searched through internet to buy it and here the odyssey begins…

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