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Building an editor for a specific game is usually a time consuming job. As long as you use your own engine with your own routines you have to create the editing tools yourself. There are many projects where people build their own codebase around a specific format (like we used to do in an older project with the Quake3 level format BSP) which allows you to use already existing level editing tools. This one won’t work on our project 🙂

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So we completed the design document and can now go to work. It was a great effort to put everything into the dd. Didn’t know it can take that long. The first decision which has to be made is what is my target platform? Since we plan to make a Windows only game there are two possibilities to decide between the tools we will be using. Shall I use C++ or should I go with XNA? Both are great but I decided to go with XNA. Of course C++ would be the one to choose if we would talk about an high performance 3d application but we will develop a 2d game so I think XNA would safe us a lot of time. I could be terribly wrong (it will show in the future) but I think it’s the best decision. XNA ships with so many features we can use out of the box, so we can concentrate on the game itself which will save us a lot of time.

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So I came across the idea to make a game. Crazy isn’t it? Every dev dreams of releasing some sort of game which is somewhat like serious. So this one is very serious. We got finally something like a team (still more people needed) we started with a fresh new idea (no it’s not) and are working on this to bring it to life.

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