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It was time to throw an update on the ChartAPI for FusionCharts. The first package which was originally released was beta because of the lag of time for testing and because it was fairly incomplete. I managed to complete and include the single series charts completely into the download. There have been the doughnut and area charts missing. I also fixed some bugs on the pie charts and included a fifth example application just to show the area and doughnut charts. Head over the the ChartAPI blogpost and download the new package.

Since there is a need in the multi series charts which I need to implement for some sites, I hopefully will soon complete the ChartAPI with all the charts. Stay tuned and enjoy.

One of the greatest chart components I could find on the web is the FusionCharts free v2. This chart component contains 22 type of charts with all the features you could imagine a chart control component to have. The best thing on this chart component is that it is free for private and commercial use.

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