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Indie is in. More than ever. It’s chick, just because it’s different. the most amazing genre, the most interesting people. Here are some of in my opinion greatest indie titles. Games that had more content, gameplay and depth than AAA titles, games that made me destroy one controller, two keyboards, one mouse and a ruler. Back to the toplist. This isn’t a real toplist since I wont’t give a rank or rating. All of the below games are awesome in their own way.
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There was an interesting thread on the Steam Forums about  games you have to play before you die. The original poster asked for a list of games which are not necessarily the favs of the people. The games listed here are in my opinion a must play but not in a particular order, so I gave every game the pos 1. So here we go with my toplist about the games everyone should play before he dies.

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And again I think I should be working and again I write for my blog. You usually write about most wanted games at the beginning of a year since so many games are announced years before and are hyped that much that you are forced to anticipate them, or you write about those games at the end of a year, kinda review like. Now I write about it on September and this was a good decision. Representing my own opinion I listed the games as usually in an order starting with the most anticipated game for me. Enough impressions. Here we go with the toplist.

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I should be working, but as usual I spent some time on games again. While I was playing some older titles lately I tried to think about the biggest disappointments I had have with some titles. So as a follow on the post about most atomspheric gamesI thought it would be cool to release a list of the most disappointing games I ever played. This list can contain any game which didn’t meet the expectations I had so it must not be a really bad game but simply a disappointment either because it was really bad or because I had different expectations, so let’s go.

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I started playing games again (I should be working), and while playing I noticed that some games attract you much more than others. They attract you in a way I cannot explain in words, they simply take you to a journey of feelings, emotions, dreams… you just wake up and you are part of the game. In other words I’m a typical European. I love foggy evenings and that kind of melancholy which makes you fade away in your own thoughts, that you would call it a positive melancholy. With that in mind and being the guy I am I will list the most attractive games.

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